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Biden BOMBSHELL — Investment Opportunities abound here!

Chris Temple 0

On Friday, I expanded on a HUGE policy and investment theme that I started articulating to my Members in the new issue they received this past week.

Frankly, it's something that has been percolating for years; but which NOBODY else is talking about that I have seen.   

I had the great pleasure of visiting with's blogger and talk show host Ed Morrissey on this; he was pinch-hitting for Drew Mariani on Relevant Radio (and I in turn was pinch-hitting for my old friend Peter Grandich in his usual spot; he's on the mend after getting hit with the Wuhan Virus.)  

You can listen to this BOMBSHELL reporting...and some other market comments...RIGHT HERE.

As I quipped (you'll get a kick out of the "cliffhanger" break we took during the show!) a lot of people needed to be seated before they heard this.

In short:

Do you realize that incoming Biden Administration Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and Cabinet-level "Climate Czar" John Kerry's BIGGEST policy framework . . .

. . .was authored by old Reagan-Bush hands George Schultz and Jim Baker?? 

It was.      

The Washington Establishment's (and Wall Street's) long dream of a system of Carbon taxes, credits and "dividends" will finally be realized in the new Biden Administration.

There are HUGE implications. . .and long-term risks. . .in what these people have up their sleeves.

BUT there is also some good in all of this; and some MIND-BLOWING investment opportunities, some of which we have already started taking advantage of.

And more recommendations in these areas are going to be released very soon.

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