A Look at the Markets as Biden’s Term Begins

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Yesterday (Monday) I caught up with my buddy Trevor Hall at Mining Stock Daily to set the table for a LOT of policy and investment themes as the Biden presidency gets underway.

You can hear the recording of that VERY meaty discussion--with several investment ideas--RIGHT HERE.     

You'll hear about:

* "China Joe" becoming "China Hawk Joe." 

* "America First" moves and hypocrisy threaten a few sectors. 

* What "The Great Reset" is...and isn't.  

* My two BIG lithium stock winners. . .and why one of them could be a 10-bagger still in 2021

* My newest energy-related pick and its announcement of an intriguing acquisition in the hydrogen power technology space.  

* Why gold stocks and the gold sector generally have been laggards. . .and what circumstances are required for gold especially to outperform again

* Why President Biden has a very short "honeymoon" in which to accomplish anything; and why his surrendering to the loony left on a few things already threatens BOTH a Green energy program specifically and Infrastructure spending generally. 

* And among other things, the reasons Trevor and I discussed as to why markets have priced in way too much real and imagined good news; and the likelihood of a more substantial correction in most everything sooner rather than later. 


     Several days ago I joined Drew Mariani once more on his show on Relevant Radio. There, he and I discussed more the economic challenges faced by the country generally and average Americans specifically

Drew especially wanted to "key" off of a statistic detailing how many middle class Americans are tapping their retirement accounts in order to make ends meet in what I have called The Strange Depression. More than ever, new highs on Wall Street don't tell the story of an America that is being ever more "hollowed out" by our "leaders."

RIGHT HERE you can hear the recording of this. 


     Finally--if you have not yet seen this--another old buddy of mine, Michael Fox, asked me for an article on "The Great Reset" for the latest issue of The Prospector News

     You can access that issue--always packed with sector and company information, primarily on natural resources--including my piece RIGHT HERE