As most of you already know, I have been ambivalent for a while when it comes to most any "commodities" save for gold and uranium. The battery metal lithium has a GREAT future; yet the still-tenuous nature of the global economy, near-term downside risks due to the Coronavirus and more require caution.

This is why I have but two lithium-oriented companies among my recommendations; the latest of which--given to Members last fall--is Piedmont Lithium.

You can read my complete profile on the company--together with key facts and data on the lithium space generally--at the FREE download below:

As you will read, the still-dubious environment for the global economy is more than outweighed by Piedmont's individual story and its present valuation. And that is in great part due to its having such a world-class asset right here in the Good old U.S. of A.  

Indeed, I finish my introductory remarks in my report by saying,

"Especially with the increasing attention being given to all kinds of critical materials that the U.S.'s own supply chains are vulnerable on, this is going to be a BIG and growing investment theme for the foreseeable future.  And there is not a company more in the cat bird seat here where lithium is concerned, in my opinion, than Piedmont Lithium."