Company Report–Cornerstone Capital Resources (TSXV-CGP; OTC-CTNXF)

Published/Posted October 20, 2020

Readable / Downloadable above, I have just penned a fairly comprehensive update on Cornerstone Capital Resources.

The timing of this now is deliberate for two reasons:

Last week, the hostile bid for Cornerstone by its senior partner on the Cascabel Project in Ecuador, SolGold, plc, expired.

Secondly, last night a "standstill agreement between the world's largest mining company, BHP Billiton (which owns 13%+ of SolGold) and SolGold also expired.

In my Special Report on Cornerstone, I explain the relevance of this; and what may (and may not) happen in the near term.

I also discuss the world-class, Tier One copper-gold Cascabel asset at the center of this present drama. . .Cornerstone's various other exploration projects (two of those that will be drilled near-term in partnership with Newcrest Mining; and another being drilled NOW by partner Sunstone Metals) and a LOT more!