Market dynamics as we approach the midway point of 2021

In late May as I was on my way north for the summer months, I stopped to visit over a dinner meeting with old friends and new alike in the Chicagoland area...and as promised, I wanted to pass along nearly two hours' worth of MEATY video--including numerous investment ideas--from that evening.

In my first solo remarks as dinner was winding up, I offered my introductory "primer" on the inflation/deflation issue. It is one that remains grossly misunderstood by the average investor. But here, via a combination of history and simple mathematics, I explain (among other things) why most of the "inflation"--indeed, hyperinflation--we're going to see for a while has already occurred.

Chris Temple Speaking at Converance

     Simply CLICK HERE to watch the replay of my initial, prepared comments on "The Flation Debate."

As the evening went on, I also opened things up for our audience's questions...and BOY, did we cover a lot of ground!!

That particular discussion is RIGHT HERE.

Among the topics:

  • The myth of gold price suppression (and the one and only time I have ever seen the Fed actually work to suppress the gold price.)
  • The Fed’s very early hints as to "tapering" and why it needs to keep markets docile.
  • Why I have used the term “Plannedemic” (less about the actual attributes of the Wuhan Virus, and more about how this virus was the excuse for the Fed to dramatically ramp up its monetary interventions.)
  • What the Fed DOES continue to “suppress” are the dollar and interest rates.
  • A discussion of the recent upward price pressure on commodities: part-legitimate (and in some instances, severe) supply shortages…part-Fed created due to its money printing. . .and other thoughts on what will probably not turn into a broad, multi-year commodity boom.
  • This is a commodity move you need to look at one piece / story at a time, as there are many moving parts here.
  • The eventual return of The Odd Couple trade (being long both gold and Treasuries at the same time, as the economy bogs down anew and most everything else languishes.)
  • Political, security and investment thoughts in the “America First” themes that emerged in a big way under the Trump Administration and will, by and large, be continued under the Biden Administration.
  • The significance of Biden pushing nuclear energy even harder than what Trump had planned (one reason why the BEST commodity story is uranium, where a “rip your face off rally” is likely ahead of us, even beyond the strong gains of the last several months.)
  • The double-mindedness of the Biden Administration on many other elements concerning the building of a US E.V. and Green Energy supply chain (and, thus, why your metals-related investing generally needs to be weighted in favor of Canada, Mexico and some parts of South America.)
  • Finding the “right kind” of lithium projects to invest in.
  • Separating the wheat from the chaff among too many gold exploration companies.
  • Why the major threat to the global economy, markets and world peace is the return to 19th century mercantilism…and the resolve of those who run the U.S. behind the scenes to prevent by any means China’s ascension.