The GOLD ISSUE: This is NOT Your Father’s Gold Market! — (Summer, 2020 Issue, JUST Updated and Expanded!)

Even with the price of gold recently reaching its highest levels since just after the all-time high of $1,920/ounce was logged in September, 2011, we have already had a few lessons teaching us that "This is NOT Your Father's Gold Market!" This move which began in earnest in late 2018 has in numerous ways been decidedly different than past multi-year moves for the yellow metal, as I explain.

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In my MOST COMPREHENSIVE EVER single issue on the Gold Sector, I discuss:

  1. How the demand equation for gold has been turned completely upside down over the years and why this NEW dynamic makes the sector potentially more rewarding--and occasionally more dangerous, as we saw in late February-early March--AT THE SAME TIME.
  2. Knowing the BIGGEST source of the most recent buying in gold ETFs especially helps explain this.
  3. How the "Flation Debate" is decidedly NOT--at least yet--what we dealt with during gold's monster move of the 1970's. Among other things, this explains the relatively abysmal performance of silver as opposed to gold. Here again: This is NOT Your Father's Gold Market!
  4. Why you should RUN...not walk...away from the Pied Pipers of the Gold Bug Echo Chamber who cannot (or won't) accurately and honestly explain THESE SAME SIMPLE ISSUES TO YOU.
  5. Tips on identifying the best opportunities in gold mining stocks
  6. And a LOT more!

PLUS you will also read profiles of SIX of my best ideas among individual companies in the Gold sector; ones that were already recommendations to my Members at The National Investor prior to this report and still are:

Omineca Mining & Metals, Ltd. (TSXV-OMM; OTC-OMMSF)

Seabridge Gold (TSX-SEA; NYSE-SA)


Monarch Gold (TSXV-MQR; OTC-MRQRF)

GFG Resources (TSXV-GFG; OTC-GFGSF) and

Taiga Gold Corp. (CSE-TGC; OTC-TGGDF)