Christmas Message: “The Original Revolution”

Each year at Christmas for some time now, I have shared the accompanying commentary by the late Mennonite theologian, John Howard Yoder. To me it indeed does reflect the truly revolutionary, epochal event of over two millennia ago, when our Blessed Lord was born.

Reflect on these words...and on the impact and meaning of Luke's Gospel passage that Yoder keys on. We live in an age when many regard Jesus the Christ as a genie in a bottle who is ready to jump at our beck and call when WE demand. . . our personal trainer. . .motivational speaker. . .and more.

Few understand that were our Savior alive today, he would be reviled by the governments and power structures of the world; those who think that THEY are God, and whose power, money and control are threatened by the Gospel. Jesus would be persona non grata in the corridors of power. . .Public Enemy Number one at the F.B.I., N.S.A. and elsewhere. . .in short, a dangerous terrorist and "extremist."

This is because the "Gospel" of our Lord is every bit as much secular and social as it is personal; arguably, even more so. As I have written and spoken of for many years, this "revolution" whose embodiment in the person of Jesus speaks to power. . . to the legal profession. . .to the money power. . .and more. Those today who would effect positive social change are remiss if they do not understand the Author of REAL justice, peace, prosperity!

Not in recent memory have we seen the world over a swelling rebellion against entrenched power and injustice as we do now. "Brexit,", the surprise election of Donald Trump as America's president and several European nations on the brink of rebellion against their plutocratic masters and more testify to this.

BUT -- without understanding the Author of our Faith and Freedom and depending on Him -- these "revolutionary" trends are doomed. Marx, Rand, Adam Smith and other secular "messiahs" are not our solution/salvation.

So ponder our Lord's mission and the perfect revolution he embodies.


Merry Christmas!

Yoder - The Original Revolution