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Over the years, I have been an advocate of investors seeking to augment their overall portfolio returns by segmenting a small portion of their available investment funds and devoting them to what can be variously called “story” stocks, speculative companies and the like. Resource exploration (most often, but not exclusively), biotechnology, I.T. and other areas are where often HUGE gains can be realized in promising COMPANIES before the rest of the world discovers them. The flip side, of course, is that many a good-looking company and story, in the end, DOESN’T MAKE IT.
But many do and sometimes spectacularly so; especially if sufficient research and care are taken in selecting opportunities. That, of course, is a part of MY job: to make these kinds of opportunities known to my Members.
One of the challenges that such prospective companies have is to get their story out to the retail investing public. These days, for numerous reasons, most retail brokerage firms will not recommend most individual companies–certainly, not smaller, off-the-radar ones–to their clients. That makes it necessary for you to find them on your own as an individual investor; or to subscribe to services like The National Investor that do this homework for you…

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