May 7, 2019 — A new update from BacTech’s Ross Orr, fresh from Ecuador!

I just caught up again with BacTech’s President/C.E.O. Ross Orr, who at the end of April was in attendance at the annual Mining Expo in Ecuador.  That country has become the hottest new mining jurisdiction on the planet over the last couple years; and in this discussion, we talk about BacTech’s opportunities form its environmental remediation and “green mining” technology there…and elsewhere.

BacTech Year-End Message 2018

In the above, Ross Orr augments his year-end message from a year ago with this past year’s work. . .and what else may lie ahead!

Oct. 16, 2018 — BacTech’s own Ecuador news; Learn more in Chicago!

There’s a LOT going on in Ecuador these days, the country now recognized by everyone else (not just me!) as the world’s hottest new mining jurisdiction. “Green mining” company BacTech just announced that it has signed an MOU with an Ecuador-based company covering the Ponce Enriquez area…check out the above link!

August 3, 2018 — Interview with President and C.E.O. Ross Orr of BacTech Environmental

In this latest visit with BacTech’s Orr, (Recording just below) we discuss two pivotal trips he recently made to further BacTech’s progress; one to China (where he came away with an M.O.U. for processing equipment and financing) and one to visit government and other officials in Ecuador.  As I wrote on these and related subjects a couple weeks ago, the company “is slowly but surely reaching critical mass”!

July 22, 2018 — BacTech Environmental is slowly but surely reaching critical mass!

Following his recent trips to China and Ecuador, BacTech’s President and C.E.O. Ross Orr has continued to move things forward for this unique “green mining” company, as I discuss–with other news–in the above.

April 19, 2018 — Interview with Ross Orr, President and CEO of BacTech Environmental

The above link will give you an introduction to BacTech Environmental, one of the more intriguing “story stocks” I’ve ever recommended. The company has slowly but surely been getting financial and logistical support as it seeks a breakthrough in its ability to monetize remediation work on old mine tailings and blighted areas from mining.

As we discuss, the company’s main focus area for the near term is in Brazil; but Orr also discusses near-term opportunities in Ecuador and Peru as well. Notably, some in the industry and even environmentalists are getting behind this new trend of “bio-mining” and remediation.

BacTech Environmental — Special Report, Fall, 2017

This company I have followed sporadically for several years now–ramping up my interest in 2017 for reasons detailed in this new report–is at the same time risky yet potentially spectacularly rewarding.

BacTech has two major near-term projects–one in Ecuador and one in Bolivia–it’s working on to demonstrate its wares; and BacTech’s unique presence where mining/metals recovery and environmental remediation MEET.

Click the link above to read my extended report.

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