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November 6, 2018 — My latest interview with Chairman / C.E.O. Rudi Fronk This go round, Rudi and I chiefly discuss the new assay results at Iron Cap and the path to an even bigger new resource estimate at KSM coming in Q1 2019. Other exploration progress is logged here too; at Iskut and the Snowstorm Project in Nevada. Seabridge shares continue to be winners in 2018 despite the bombed-out PM equities sector generally. August 11, 2018 — Latest interview with Rudi Fronk, Co-founder, Chairman & C.E.O. of Seabridge Gold (NYSE-SA; TSE-SEA) In the below interview with Rudi Fronk, we discuss the reasons why Seabridge has risen strongly of late, even as gold and copper prices have been on the back foot.     July 19, 2018 — Seabridge Gold — Why Billionaire John Paulson likes THIS Gold company! The above update on Seabridge explains why — though the gold price itself has dropped 10% from its high of April — Seabridge shares have RISEN almost 20% at the same time!   April 20, 2018 — Interview with Rudi Fronk, Chairman and CEO of Seabridge Gold I catch up with Seabridge’s Fronk again today. The economics continue to get better at Seabridge’s flagship KSM Project, which in 2017 saw nearly 15 million ounces of gold and 7 billion pounds of copper added to overall resources. Some of the recent private placement which raised C$17 million–at a 27% PREMIUM to the market price–will go to more drilling at Iron Cap and likely an upgraded resource estimate and economic assessment later in the year. Elsewhere, exploration is being jump-started at Courageous Lake. . .and geophysical and other work are slated for this year for the Snowstorm Project in Nevada. Go to (Segment 2) for our previous update with Fronk referred to today.
Seabridge Gold — Special Report, May 2017 I have for some time now viewed Seabridge Gold (NYSE-SA: TSX-SEA) as my favorite company for trading gold’s swings. Its volatility is due chiefly to its owning some of the highest levels of gold reserves in the world in British Columbia, anchored chiefly by the flagship KSM Project.  Thus, as I have long written, I view Seabridge as I once did the old Bema Gold (acquired by Kinross just over a decade ago) — as the BEST, leveraged play in the gold space; a “long-term, unexpiring call option on gold” if you will. But even a great many that follow the metals space have been asleep as Seabridge has become something even more than that. Beyond perhaps the best-leveraged play on the gold price, the company now boasts total copper resources as well as some 35 billion pounds. And most recently, billionaire hedge fund manager, philanthropist, and gold bug John Paulson chose Seabridge as the company he wanted to place perhaps THE elite exploration play in the U.S. into! Read all about this transformed, powered-up company! Click the link above to read my extended report.

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