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By Chris Temple – Editor/Publisher The National Investor (From the September 27, 2002 issue) In addition to our regular Friday evening Metals, Money

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Chris Temple

Now in his fifth decade in the investment/economic world—and as a writer, educator and true disruptor in his industry—Chris Temple has set himself apart with his unique ability to make the intricacies of the markets and our world understandable to the average person.

Chiefly via his publication The National Investor Chris has distinguished himself via both his prescient “macro” calls time and again on the broad markets as well as his ability to uncover early investment opportunities in many sectors.  His motto: “You can get information anywhere…here, you get knowledge.

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A Guide to "Stock Picking" That Everyone Can Appreciate

Editor/Publisher Chris Temple of The National Investor is joined by Abigail Recker in a free-wheeling and FUN lesson in finding investment opportunities in emerging and “story” companies. As you’ll see this is NOT difficult! Investment themes present themselves to you every day…and now you’ll know how to start recognizing them as such.

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Here, Editor/Publisher Chris Temple discusses some of the philosophy and methods behind his newsletter: How he approaches the markets, allocation recommendations, his own broad calls over time and a LOT more!

You can get information anywhere.
Here, You get knowledge.

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