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Chris Temple

Now in his fifth decade in the investment/economic world—and as a writer, educator and true disruptor in his industry—Chris Temple has set himself apart with his unique ability to make the intricacies of the markets and our world understandable to the average person.

Chiefly via his publication The National Investor Chris has distinguished himself via both his prescient “macro” calls time and again on the broad markets as well as his ability to uncover early investment opportunities in many sectors.  His motto: “You can get information anywhere…here, you get knowledge.

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Uranium and Nuclear Energy Market Fundamentals

Not a single commodity has a more bullish supply/demand setup as does uranium. In this discussion I am joined by my good friend Scott Melbye who–if you didn’t already know–is among the top few experts in the world in this space. You will learn why Scott and I alike are table-pounding BULLISH on all things uranium!

INN's Charlotte McLeod interviews Chris: Stocks, Uranium, Gold, the Fed, Energy and MORE for 2024!

In this particular video interview/commentary, Chris joins Investing News Network’s Editorial Director Charlotte McLeod once again! We looked back at 2023’s events and how in particular the Gold and Uranium stories have separately evolved: Uranium remains every bit as bullish even after its commodities sector-leading surge to $90+/lb in 2023, while a few things still have to happen for the gold equities to join in with the greater strength in the yellow metal itself. Charlotte also leads Chris here in a discussion of what the broader markets may bring in 2024…”Old Energy” as an unappreciated story…why the next “epiphany” for commodities will most likely be copper…and MORE.

You can get information anywhere.
Here, You get knowledge.

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