Cornerstone Capital Resources

Nov. 22, 2018 — Thankful for Cascabel — Now officially a Tier One asset! This week–ahead of schedule–the eagerly-anticipated new resource estimate came out confirming that the monster Cascabel deposit in Ecuador is indeed a Tier One asset…and will continue to get larger!
Nov. 13, 2018 — More BIG numbers from Cascabel; and heading for more fireworks This morning, operator and majority owner SolGold, plc announced yet more impressive grades as infill / expansion drilling at Alpala continues. SOLG and partner Cornerstone are moving toward the first major update to the maiden resource estimate announced at the beginning of 2018; one that could roughly double the initial 12+ million ounces of gold and 5+ million tons of copper.
Oct. 15, 2018 — BREAKING! – Cascabel plot thickens; BHP takes another bite My friends at Ecuador Mining Community were the first tonight to pick up on a breaking Reuters story.  As a few of us suggested back in early September, BHP’s initial move in taking a 6%+ position in SolGold would not have been done in isolation. Tonight comes Act Two!
Sept. 6, 2018 — Cornerstone, SolGold Surge on BHP’s Move Yesterday (Wed. the 5th) shares of both Cornerstone and SolGold spiked following the news that global mining giant BHP finally succeeded in getting a foot in the door at the world class Cascabel Project.  In the above missive I discuss that, and what event(s) may come next.
Aug. 16, 2018 — More BIG numbers from the Cascabel Copper-Gold project! Clicking the above, you’ll learn of the news of this past Monday; high-grade assay results at Cascabel that, as I opine, are arguably the most important/exciting ones since the initial big discovery hole a few years back! With Cornerstone shares still well off their giddy highs of a year ago and the metals sector dormant still, it’s a GIFT to you, I.M.O., to be able to buy/add at current prices. (NOTE: Following the pending spin-out transaction, I’ll have an updated company report on the two new entities:  Cascabel Gold and Copper, and Cornerstone Exploration.)

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