The “Death of the Dollar” Nonsense — Here’s the latest

The "Death of the Dollar" Nonsense -- Here's the latest

By Chris Temple – Editor/Publisher

The National Investor

(Posted Aug. 18, 2018) -- From most of the usual suspects, there have again been "sensational" and "SHOCKING" revelations recently of (Take your pick) a coming currency re-set. . .new global currency based on the International Monetary Fund's S.D.R. basket. . .a crypto currency-like replacement of the U.S. Dollar. . .even a new reserve currency based on gold and the Chinese yuan. Never mind that the U.S. Dollar Index has been on a TEAR; and is more likely than not to move significantly higher still in the months ahead (whether President Trump likes it or not.)  Never mind that one of these carnival hucksters' nominees for its replacement--the Chinese yuan--has been in free-fall. Never mind, too, that what has heretofore been the only viable challenger to the dollar -- the euro -- seems ever more to be headed the direction of the Zimbabwe currency, as I have pointed out recently is NECESSARY if it is to survive at all. ( I have to laugh--Do some of you, as I, remember those same kinds of "Shocking" revelations from these same types two decades ago; that not only would the euro replace the rickety U.S. dollar but was also the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy, evidencing the "Revived Roman Empire" and all that??)
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Eventually, the dollar (at least as the world's global reserve currency AND the muscle behind the American military and "Deep State") will die a deserved death. But that is NOT the present reality.
If you like having your ears tickled by these promoters who have been chronically WRONG in such predictions for YEARS, read no further.  I bid you Good Day. If, however, you prefer FACTS, logic and sanity--and actionable, PROFITABLE advice based on that--lend me your ear. MAKE NO MISTAKE:  As I discussed on this weekend's K.E. Report, nobody will be happier than ME if I live long enough to see the greenback's "death." And on the show, I explain WHY that is (and it's NOT because gold will skyrocket as a result!) If you're interested in knowing why you should RUN, rather than just walk, away from the promoters touting their never-ending "Death of the Dollar" hokum, you can listen in to us RIGHT HERE (I'm at Segment 4, as you'll see, following "heavyweights" Peter Boockvar, Chris Martenson and Dana Lyons) I'd also like to share a compilation of a couple items I've penned recently, in response to our readers' questions on this subject: Death of the Dollar Nonsense--the Latest This downloadable item will explain to you:
  •  Why the latest predictions of the dollar's death (in part, because of some currency re-set or whatever) is more NONSENSE in a long line of such, peddled by promoters who thinking investors should ignore.
  • Second, I discuss (with others' thoughts) the more market-oriented reasons why the U.S. Dollar in the near term could run much higher still.
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