THIS is the Revived Roman Empire!?

(COMMENTARY and News from the Sept. 5, 2016 issue) -- I vividly remember when -- in the late 1990's, as a growing European Union was about to add a common currency,  the EURO,  to its regimen--Dispensationalists and others were loud in the dire warnings of what this meant!

We were told the coalescing of this new currency with the rest of the E.U. was a fulfillment of Bible prophecy: the "Revived Roman Empire" itself.

The same kinds of hucksters now telling us that "at about 4:00 p.m. on September 30, 2016" there will be a new "world currency" that will displace the U.S. dollar told us then it would be the euro that would de-throne the dollar (which would "crash and burn.") The euro itself might even be the Mark of the Beast, some loudly claimed; and Americans would be forced to use that new one-world currency.

It's all hogwash, of course. And as Yours truly explains yet again in the most recent issue, the only significant thing we can ponder where the euro is concerned is, perhaps, to start a pool and bet on the day and time WHEN IT DIES!

Indeed, Europe's growing financial and banking woes--and the rebellion by the European people against their shadowy, unaccountable masters in Brussels--is but one major front in a GLOBAL war against the entrenched corporate and banking plutocracy.

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