Gold Manipulation – A History Lesson (From the Feb. 20, 2018 Issue)

From time to time I clarify my own position--and provide some common sense and history--to address a well-flogged story line (actually a MYTH today) that the gold price is "suppressed."

In the below excerpt from the latest issue of The National Investor I remind folks that--a scant 20 years or so ago--the gold price (though ostensibly market-driven) was, in fact, a quasi-fixed one.

Part of the transition to a different "world" for gold, though, DID involve an episode of frantic gold price suppression by the Fed; a story also on the front page of this web site separately.

In the below, though, I go into that back drop leading up to the short squeeze on gold in late 1999; and reiterate the reasons why anyone today claiming "suppression" of gold should not be taken seriously.

Gold Manipulation follies -- From the Feb. 20, 2018 Issue