The “Reddit Revolution” — are all those Peasants with Pitchforks buying GameStop, et al to fight hedge funds the whole story?

The "Reddit Revolution" -- are all those Peasants with Pitchforks buying GameStop, et al to fight hedge funds the whole story?

By Chris Temple – Editor/Publisher

The National Investor

As usual, I was starting off the 2nd regular issue of The National Investor for this month with a series of audience questions. But the answer to the first of them--on the subject of all the market gyrations over the GameStop, et al tussle--ended up being darn near an issue all by itself!


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Thus, I have stopped for now with what I am calling the first half of the 2nd regular issue for January. AND since it is all of this broad and critical market subject/"happening" right now, I am sending this out to our broader audience; and making it available here for download:

Over the weekend I'll finish up the "second half"--with questions on energy, our cannabis-related holdings, numerous company updates, and more; that will be sent to paid Members on or before Monday. 

Simply put, I think you'll find my analysis of this whole "Reddit Revolution" what you have come to expect from me: reporting, analysis and forecasts unlike any you read elsewhere. And it's because, as I explain in the issue, I always ask the question, Cui bono?

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You will read of not one but two MAJOR goals that The Powers That Be have when all this craziness--which may or may not still lead to a 2008-like bust for a while--settles down. We have already had in-your-face PROOF of this on both, as you will read!

In short, this "Peasants with Pitchforks" kind of populist battle against evil, greedy hedge funds is but the surface veneer, under which lurks (what else is new?) the excuses for both the Fed and the broader government to increase their power over most everything.   

This is deep, folks; but incontrovertible. Put aside most of what you've watched of the "coverage" of this on the electronic toilet, and think.

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